sweet little teacups.

Now, I’m sure that these sweet little teacups are nothing new to you (so many of my friends make them!) but I couldn’t have a blog called eat sweet and not feature them in a post!  In fact, I’m not even sure who first came up with this idea, but I can tell you it wasn’t me. I LOVE making these treats, not only because they are lots of fun, but because they bring back a couple of wonderful memories for me.

A couple of years ago I celebrated my 21st birthday by having a party on a ferry that cruised around the Derwent River in Hobart. Leading up to my party, I had spent months planning the invites and decorations, but was yet to decide on a theme for my food! After playing in the snow on Mount Wellington one September afternoon (sorry, I’m really not trying to plug the tourist attractions in Tassie!), I visited a small take away store at the foot of the mountain and layed my eyes on the Donna Hay Kids Magazine.

As soon as I saw it, I knew that it had to be mine! As I have mentioned before, my mum has bought me a Donna Hay Magazine subscription for my last couple of birthdays, and it is the Kids Issue that I look forward to getting the most (the new one is coming out next month! SO excited). There are so many great ideas in these issues that are perfect for kids parties, and lots of kid-friendly recipes.

Okay, back on track now. Anyway, I bought this magazine and instantly knew that I wanted to use kids party as the food theme for my 21st! So that is exactly what I did. Fairy bread, chocolate crackles, frog in a pond, caramel popcorn, chocolate cream, marshmallow teacups…so much fun food! With the help of my mum, I made all of my party food, and I enjoyed every single second of it. Oh, and did I mention? I had an AMAZING cake (made by Hobart cakemaker, Cake Woman).

The teacups were certainly one of the favourite things that I made for my party, and I also made them as a farewell present for the students in the Grade 1/2 class that I completed one of my early childhood teaching placements in. The kids absolutely loved them, and were so excited when I showed them how they could make them. They are super dooper easy…

CC_Doodle Border 11

Sweet Little Teacups

Tic Toc Biscuits
Life Savers (cut in half)
1/2 C Icing Sugar

1. Mix the icing sugar with a small amount of water (a couple of drops at a time) to create a paste like texture.
2. Using the icing as an edible glue, stick together all of the ingredients. Begin with the tic toc on the bottom, marshmallow, and then freckle, finishing off by sticking a life saver halve on the side of the marshmallow for the handle.

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Perfect for parties or a project for an afternoon in the kitchen.
Kids love them, adults love them. How can you not love them when they are this cute!

Carla Sue xo

I have linked up these at Chef in Training’s Tuesday Talent Show! Check it out here.


35 responses to “sweet little teacups.

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      • Love these! Sorry to say I don’t know what a tic tic biscuit is or the icing sugar im guessing just icing?

      • Thank you for your sweet comment! I often make these for birthdays or school parties – everyone seems to love them! I’m not sure where you are situated, but Tic Toc Biscuits are an Australian biscuit made by Arnott’s, and icing sugar is the same as confectioners sugar or powdered sugar (what you would use to make frosting or icing). Having said this, any flat iced biscuit should work too. Hope that helps! :)

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  5. I remember seeing these little tea cups years ago and I’m so glad to see them again – thanks for jogging my memory. They’re gorgeous; must go and make some!

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