caramel popcorn choctops.

I am starting to believe that this baking thing may be becoming a little bit of an addiction! If I have a Saturday at home, it is HIGHLY unlikely for me to not spend the afternoon in the kitchen. But why not do something that I love? As I write, there are a batch of triple chip cookies in the oven (milk chocolate, white chocolate AND caramel…actually, I think there might be more chip than cookie, but I’m okay with that), and I can’t wait for them to be ready. Nothing better than a cookie fresh out of the oven!

Last Saturday, I certainly had no time for baking…it was my friend’s 30th birthday! We began celebrating her special day with a group of us piling into her loungeroom for breakfast…buttermilk pancakes with lots of icecream, maple syrup and fresh fruit. And then in the evening…you guessed it…party time! My friend, who absolutely loves to travel, decided to have an ‘around the world’ theme, and we were all asked to dress up as something related to a country that starts with the first letter of either our first or last names. Everyone was really creative and looked so good! As the complete Disney-addict that I am, I dressed up as Belle from France!

As it was a self-catered party, my friend asked me if I could make something for dessert (she wanted to have lots of different things for people to choose from), and she had something particular in mind…caramel popcorn choctops! I first found the recipe for these when I was trying to find super cute party food to make for my 21st birthday (just like the sweet little teacups), and everyone LOVED them. I have made them a few times since, and they always prove to be really popular. And well, I love making them because I get to eat the popcorn mixture as I go.

Caramel Popcorn Choctops

1 batch of caramel popcorn (there are SO many different recipes for caramel popcorn that you could choose from, or you may even have a favourite recipe you could use!)
20 icecream cones
Dark chocolate, melted

1. Follow the directions of your chosen recipe to make a batch of caramel popcorn.
2. Carefully ‘scoop’ the popcorn into the icecream cones.
3. Drizzle a small amount of dark chocolate on top.

Recipe yields approximately 20 (depending on the recipe for caramel popcorn that you use)

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Easy! I love making these in the cones, purely because I love how they look. But, I have also shaped the mixture into balls and put them in cupcake cases, which looks pretty too! Either way, you still get super yummy caramel popcorn.



14 responses to “caramel popcorn choctops.

    • Thankyou so much! You must be looking forward to school holidays when you can have some free time to bake once again. I know I’m looking forward to you being on school holidays again…so I can read some more of your wonderful posts! :)

  1. These look deliciously tempting, but I just hit ‘pay’ on my next Michelle Bridges 12wbt round, so none of this for me for a while!!!! great photography!


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