adriano zumbo’s chocolate brownies.

“I grew up on lollies, cakes and chocolate and never lost the taste for the sweeter things in life. My desserts are like flights of fancy – making them or eating them always takes me to a happy place” – Adriano Zumbo.

Any Adrianzo Zumbo fans out there? Well, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this in the supermarket a number of weeks ago…

Eeeeeeee! The Zumbo Baking Range! Chocolate brownies, choc mud mirror cake, salted caramel macarons and passionfruit macarons. Oh my goodness! Now, I do own Adriano Zumbo’s cookbook and I LOVE looking through it at all the pretty pictures, but all of the recipes are so wonderful and intricate that I have yet plucked up the courage to bake something from it. Some of the recipes have two pages just to list the ingredients! As I don’t live in Sydney, I have never visited one of Zumbo’s patisseries and have never been able to taste one of his creations. So, I was super pleased to come across these baking kits, and knew that the chocolate brownies were what I wanted to try out first.

Not only compared to Zumbo’s recipes, but also compared to some other baking kits, making these were super DOOPER easy. All you have to do is add two eggs and 125g of melted butter, mix it up, and pop it in the oven for 35-40 minutes. After pouring the mixture into the tin, I couldn’t help myself but try some of the mix. Now, I may be wrong…but I’m pretty sure I’m quite right here…but the mixture actually tasted like chocolate icecream. YUP chocolate icecream! This just convinced me even more that these brownies were going to be preeeeeeetty good.

Zumbo Brownies

Wanna know my verdict? These brownies are AMAZING. And you would never know that they have been made from a box. You know how you can just tell with some cakes that it has been made from a mix? Definitely not the case with these! Sweet, gooey, chewy, chocolately…what more could you want from a brownie?

Want to try out an Adriano Zumbo bake at home kit? You can find them at any Woolworths or Coles supermarket. Enjoy!



14 responses to “adriano zumbo’s chocolate brownies.

  1. If you’re ever in Syd & want to go to his store on a Saturday be prepared to wait for a looooong time. Everything in there is an incy work of art. I’d be too scared to attempt anything from his book, too!

  2. I made these for christmas presents and they were too die for, I looked up his recipe to see if I could make it and I thought why would I bother with all those ingredients, this packet mix is the best invention ever AND doesn’t have any “numbers” in the ingredients!

    • The packet mix is brilliant, isn’t it?! I have been too scared to try anything from his cookbook, but i’ll always have a go at a mix ;) Those lucky people that got some that you made for Christmas pressies…they are so yum!

      • they said they were the best brownies they have ever tasted. I looked up his recipe and well went and bought two more boxes today.. too many ingredients and why when you can do it so quick and easy.. my husband said oh I would prefer this over a birthday cake.. so now am thinking two slabs sandwiched together with something (maybe a mousse or just really good double cream).mmm


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