gingerbread cupcake cookies.

As I am a self-proclaimed lover of baking, sometimes I surprise myself with the seemingly everyday baking things that I have never made. Like gingerbread.

Okay, and while we are on this subject, I have never made an apple pie. I am quickly going to change this.

I guess that sometimes I get my favourite things to make (and eat), and forget to branch out and try different things. But this is one thing that creating eat sweet. by carla sue has inspired me to do…I like to bake new things to share them with you! Wow. Now I’m rhyming. Okay, let’s get talkin’ about the cookies!

I have started relief (substitute) teaching this year, and while it was pretty scary to start off with, I can now say that I love it! Sure, there are still some days when I come home exhausted and frustrated, but for the most part I enjoy my job. One thing that I had expected for this year, being my first year teaching, was to get sick a fair bit. And this week, the first one hit…laryngitis! As my voice is something pretty essential for my job, it meant that I had to say no to a couple of days work and stay home. So, on my first day home I didn’t really feel like laying around on the couch watching movies (don’t worry, I did this on the second day that I was home…helloooooooo Disney!). Instead, I decided I felt like baking.

So with a whole day of no plans, I could spend as much time as I wanted playing around in the kitchen. Oh, so much fun!

Before I share this recipe with you (okay, well it’s more of a how-to, rather than a recipe), I do have something to admit. Technically, I STILL actually haven’t made gingerbread. But I have baked it, and decorated it! It just so happened that we had some pre-made dough in the fridge, and I couldn’t let it go to waste. But, I promise that I will make it from scratch next time!

And seeing as I had plenty of this gingerbread dough, I just couldn’t resist. I HAD to make some gingerbread men too.

Gingerbread Cupcake Cookies ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

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Gingerbread Cupcake Cookies

1 batch of baked gingerbread cupcake-shaped cookies (there are some wonderful recipes you can use, such as this one)
1 egg white
1 1/2  –  2 C icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
Pink food colouring
Blue food colouring

1. In a glass bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks form.
2. Add the vanilla essence, and gradually beat in the icing sugar until the correct consistency for piping is achieved.
3. Place 1/3 of the royal icing mixture into a separate bowl, so that you now have two bowls of icing.
4. Add 1-2 drops of pink food colouring to the bowl with 2/3 of the mixture, mix well. Add 1-2 drops of blue food colouring to the second bowl. Mix well.
5. Place the pink icing into a piping bag with a small round tip, and use this to pipe around the outside of the top of the cupcake cookies.
6. Place the blue icing into a separate piping bag (or clean the one you have just used) with a small round tip, and pipe around the outside of the cupcake ‘case’ on the cookie. Add stripes.

Gingerbread Cupcake Cookies ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

7. Place the remaining pink icing back into the bowl and cover with plastic wrap.
8. Set aside the cookies until the royal icing is set.
9. Uncover the pink icing and gradually add small amounts of water until the icing is a consistency of a thick syrup, and set aside for a few minutes.
10. Stir pink icing mixture gently, then place into a squeezie bottle.
11. Gently squeeze a small amount of icing into the middle of the pink outline on the cookies, and use a skewer or toothpick to spread it around the top of the cookie, right to the piped outline.
12. Cover the pink section of the cookie with sprinkles. Set aside cookies to set.

Recipe yields 12-15 cookies.

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Gingerbread Cupcake Cookies ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

Gingerbread Cupcake Cookies ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

Happy baking!



27 responses to “gingerbread cupcake cookies.

  1. these look great! :)
    and yay! any excuse to whip these up when its not christmas is an excuse i love!

  2. You’ve never made these before, holy cow, you did an amazing job on those cookies. They are perfect!! Beautifully decorated and the gingerbread looks just right. Now I want to see your apple pie!!1

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous cookies my friend! Your piping is impeccable! Haha… I used to love gingerbread as a kid, but I actually haven’t eaten any for years. Whenever I had a gingerbread man, I used to pick off the icing buttons, then eat each leg, then the arms, head and then the torso last (that ‘disembodiment technique’ sounds a little bit sick, come to think of it…!). So yummy. Such a treat. I might just get my butt into the kitchen and make some… thanks for sharing lovely!! xx

    • Oh wow, thank you so much! I must admit I like to take my time and be really careful when it comes to things like piping, so your comment means a lot!
      Hahaha. I love your way of eating gingerbread! Have you eaten Tiny Teddies (the Arnott’s biscuits) before? That is almost exactly how I eat them! Ears, legs, arms, torso, and then head. Oh dear. Hehe.
      I’m sure that making some gingerbread will be worth it. So yummy!
      Thank you so much for your comment, it made me giggle :) xo

    • Yes!!! I do the same thing with Tiny Teddies, except I heat the head before the torso. Great minds think alike I guess. And I think we’re not alone, in regards to the Tiny Teddies. Australians eat biscuits weird… like Tim Tam Slams. So. Good. But…. so bad. I am addicted to those darn things. I’ll let you know if I make some gingerbread. The weather is cooling down here now so I might be a little more keen to put the oven on xx

      • Oh my goodness…Tim Tam Slams are so good! But yes, I agree, oh so naughty too. Now that I think about it, Australians are a tad strange. Hahaha.
        I would love to hear from you if you make some gingerbread. But making sure that the weather has cooled down a bit sounds like a good idea. Nothing nice about being stuck in a hot kitchen! xo

  4. These are just perfect! Glad that you decided to bake on your first day home, so we get to see these pretty little things. Cant wait to see your apple pie!

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