kitchen dreaming. (may 2013)

For a little while now, I have been thinking about incorporating a different type of post onto eat sweet. I absolutely love sharing my recipes, but I wanted to add something extra. But what to write them on was getting me a little stumped. The amount of drafts I have written, but none of them have been exactly what I wanted. And then this week, it finally hit me.

What else do I love almost as much as baking? Homewares!

Several years ago, I would never have thought I would be like this, but I am one of those people that if they walk past a homewares shop they find it extremely hard not to go in. I love going in to check out what is new, seeing the beautiful displays…mentally putting together a kitchen wishlist. We have a great store here in Tassie called Your Habitat, but when I am on the mainland I always make sure I get to visit Matchbox and General Trader. Well and Oporto as well, because we don’t have that here either! I looooooove that prego sauce. But that has nothing to do with homewares.

Now, when I say I like going in to check out what is new, this usually results in some purchases from time to time. And my wonderful family and friends know me oh so well, which means that I am super dooper lucky and get homewares for birthday and Christmas pressies too! I have a nice collection of things which I absolutely adore, and will one day get to set up in my very own kitchen.

Below are some of my favourite items that are currently available, and have crept their way onto my kitchen dreaming list…

Kitchen Dreaming ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

1. Anna Gare My Family Biscuit Set:Β I only really know Anna as the female judge from Junior Masterchef, but I also know that she has released a beautiful range of homewares. And how cute are these cookie cutters?! Rather than making only Gingerbread Men, you could make a whole Gingerbread Family! (for more information, click here).
2. Maxwell & Williams Sprinkle Square Baker Mini: Any thing mini always gets points in my book, but bright colours with white polka dots too?! Love. These would be great for either sweet or savoury (yes, sometimes I do cook savoury food!) treats. (for more information, click here).
3. Chicago Metallic Batter Dispenser Purple: I came across this beauty while looking in General Trader in Adelaide recently. What a great idea! Sometimes dispensing batter can get a little messy, and this dispenser ensures that the same amount is dispensed every time. Plus, I love the colour. (for more information, click here).
4. Tala Retro Round Cake Tin Set of 3: Okay, I absolutely adore these tins. Just a couple of weeks ago I bought these for a wedding present and filled the bottom tin with cookie cutters, cupcake cases, tea towels and a mini kitchen utensils. It was quite hard to let go of them, but I know they will be well loved in their lovely new home. (for more information, click here).
5. Salt & Pepper Dream Footed Cake Plate & Dome: There isn’t much I can say about this one…it’s just so pretty! It’s a really good size at 28cm by 30cm (height), meaning you can fill it with lots of goodies. (for more information, click here).
6. Masterclass Whoopie and Macaron Pans: To make baking oh so much easier…they make sure that each biscuit is the same size! (for more information, click here).
7. Kenwood KMix Magenta Kettle: I am in love with this whole range. But I had to choose the magenta to show you all because it is my favourite. I think. Oh, it’s just too tricky to choose from so many beautiful colours! (for more information, click here).
8.Wilton Scoop It Batter Spoons: While these are a similar idea to the batter dispenser, I couldn’t help but include these too. The set includes three spoons, with one each to fill mini, standard and jumbo cupcake cases.
9. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Boysenberry: Okay, okay. You would probably be surprised if this wasn’t on my list. Every bakers dream! I don’t yet own a KitchenAid, but I love this colour. Not only are they super helpful for baking and other food preparation (you can buy so many different attachments!) but they are so beautiful. If only they were priced similarly here in Australia as they are in the US… (for more information, click here).

Ah, nothing like a bit of window shopping. Have you got your eye on anything at the moment?
Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Disclaimer: Please note I have not been asked or paid by any business or company to feature these items, they have been chosen purely based on my own opinions and interests. I have not tried or tested any of these products.


26 responses to “kitchen dreaming. (may 2013)

  1. Homewares is my guilty pleasure shopping haha I love gadgets!
    Glad you started this series! :)
    Oh my god that kitchen aid – I would kill for a kitchen aid… But something small, like a carrot ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Hahaha. Oh I agree! Aren’t they are so pretty?! And I’m so glad that you share in the same guilty pleasure. I can’t help but have a look to see what is the latest thing out. Thank you so much lovely Uru, I really appreciate your support :D

  2. Love your list, honestly! Could say the same for myself – love homeware departmens like nuts – can’t help but always too many cute things are there :) KA mixer is on my dream list as well as here is also couple time more pricy than in US :( My favorite color (at the moment) is grey – to many colors to choose from ;)

  3. Ahh, love this!!! I could spend ALL DAY in homeware stores (my boyfriend can attest to this). More exciting than clothes shopping! Your picks are all so cute–especially the cake stand–looks like it would fit in well with your blog :) I’ve had my eye on a 6″ springform cake pan for the longest time and I finally bought one! So excited :)

    • If you think that the cake stand fits in nicely with my blog, I guess I will just have to go and buy it ;) Hahaha. Ooh, isn’t it so exciting when you have had your eye on something for so long, and then you get it?! So glad that we both share a love for homewares. Definitely more exciting that clothes shopping…I usually just walk away from that disappointed. But homewares shopping? Never :D

  4. oohhh goshh. i have too much stuff in my kitchen. Sometimes i get a headache looking at them! lol. i still need to learn how to organize these babies! And yess!! I want a cake stand too!!

  5. Carla, this homewares series is a great addition to the blog (*sob* …and I understand the ‘writing and discarding drafts’ phenomenon too well. I have more unfinished posts than finished ones, i think!!). I love each and every one of your kitchen picks. They perfectly represent your gorgeously sweet style :) And yep, I share the addiction to kitchenware shops!!! And vintage stores… I wish I had enough money for a vintage teacup collection. Maybe one day, when I win lotto (if I do, that boysenberry Kitchen Aid is coming straight to your door!) xx

    • Oh you are so super dooper sweet, Laura! Now I’m hoping that you win lotto too :D Hehehe.
      It’s tricky sometimes, coming up with a blog post that you’re happy with, isn’t it? Ah well, maybe one day one of those posts in the draft heap may shine their light again!
      I’m so glad that you like my picks, and understand my kitchenware addiction! Sounds like I should venture into some vintage store too. Even if it is just to look at some of those pretty teacups *sigh*. Thanks so much for your comment…hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. Hi Carla Sue, just popped over to let you know that your link to Food on Friday: Muffins & Cupcakes was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series today. Cheers


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