kitchen dreaming. (august 2013)

My goodness. I must apologise! It has been ages between posts, and I have been somewhat AWOL from eat sweet. My last recipe (hummingbird cupcakes) was posted in the school holidays, and I have had little time for baking ever since. Well, that may be a little porky pie…I have managed to squeeze in a little bit of baking, but the photo taking and blogging has unfortunately been put to the side for a little while.

Although the reason for the lack of posts is quite exciting…school has been super busy because I have a class! I am a chronic overthinker, and thoughts of ‘can I really do this?!’ had been creeping into my head. But I am doing it, and I love it. And I quite possibly am falling in love with my kiddies already.

So, back to the apology…I’m sorry! Just before I began teaching, one of my friends from my old workplace made me promise that once I started teaching that I wouldn’t stop blogging on eat sweet. So, Danielle, if you are reading this…I’m sorry I nearly broke that promise! Haha. In fact, a couple of my friends have started blogs this week, and it somewhat reinspired me and gave me the boot up the bottom that I needed.

But I do hope that you forgive me, as I have returned with a kitchen dreaming post, full of super cute pieces for your kitchen. Oh I am lusting after them all!

Kitchen Dreaming ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

1. Maxwell & Williams CANisters: A new range from Maxwell & Williams and I love them! As soon as I saw them, I just had to show them to my Mum. I just think that they are super cute, and they come in lots of different sizes and are labelled for lots of different uses (sugar, tea, coffee, flour, etc.). (for more information click here).
2. Maxwell & Williams Animal House Mouse Cheese Grater: Yes, I own one of these, and I bought one for a friend’s wedding present nearly two years ago. Not only are the adorable, but they work so well. And what a better shape for a cheese grater…a mouse, of course! (for more information click here).
3. Maxwell & Williams Arcobaleno Cup & Saucer (can you tell I have been stalking their website?): These cup and saucers come in all of the best colours (blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow), and I love each of them. Somewhat sophisticated yet colourful and fun, I know that drinking out of one of these babies is sure to brighten up your day. (for more information click here).
4. Ecology Dimple Texture Soup Mug: Can’t you just imagine wrapping your hands around one of these on a cold afternoon, watching the steam flow out from your piping hot soup? Or even a massive hot chocolate…I like the sound of that too. These mugs are HUGE (like a bowl with a handle really), and are so pretty and clean cut. (for more information click here).
5. Port Meirion ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ Shaped Ceramic Party Plate: inspired by the much loved children’s book by Eric Carle comes the perfect servingware for a baby shower, kids party or a special treat for your little ones. I can imagine it would look beautiful filled with the corresponding fruit on the plate, eaten by the very hungry caterpillar itself…so sweet! (for more information click here).
6. Peugeot Tahiti S&P Duo Summer: salt and pepper shakers are something that I would have a large assortment of if I bought all of the ones that I like. These two caught my eye instantly with their beautiful colours and shiny satin finish. (for more information click here).
7. Kitchen Craft Colourworks Measuring Spoon Set: this set of measuring spoons stood out amongst silver and black as I walked past them in a homewares shop the other day. I love how the bright and sunny colours compliment each other, and you know what?…these colours are available in measuring cups too! (for more information click here).
8. Maxwell & Williams Hot and Cold: For the amount of times I have picked this jug up in store to look at, I would need to use two hands to count, so really I should just go ahead and buy it. Available in purple, black, blue, green, orange, red white and yellow, these jugs are perfect for all year ’round. They keep your drinks hot AND cold! (for more information click here).
9. Salt&Pepper Salut Footed Trifle Bowl: a trifle would just look magnificent in this sparkling bowl…layer upon layer for all to see. Looking at it would almost be as good as eating it. (for more information click here).

Hope that you love these homewares picks too!


Disclaimer: Please note I have not been asked or paid by any business or company to feature these items, they have been chosen purely based on my own opinions and interests. I have not tried or tested any of these products.


12 responses to “kitchen dreaming. (august 2013)

  1. Yaaaay! Welcome back beautiful! So glad that things are going well for you. Congratulations on starting the class, woo!! I am a chronic overthinker too (it’s gradually being eradicated by my husband who berates me for my unnecessary anxiety!!!) and self-doubt can be a bitch, but I hope that you’re starting to feel more confident now. You’re amazing and I can completely imagine that you’d be a wonderful teacher. Anyway, this is a sweet post! Love the bright colours… reminds me that summer is (finally!) on its way! Love to you beautiful! xx

    • I have missed you, Laura!! It’s so good to be back. Thank you so, so much for your super sweet and encouraging comment. Your kindness amazes me! You always put a smile on my face. Glad to have found a fellow overthinker…although perhaps we may not be a good influence on each other? Haha. Hope that you are well, and have a great week! Love to you too gorgeous girl :) xo


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