kitchen dreaming. (march 2015)

I love, love, love baking, but as some as you may know, I also absolutely adore looking at homewares. In particular, I really enjoy looking at kitchen wares, but also bits and pieces for any other area of the home or garden too! Sometimes it can be a lot easier dreaming rather than doing…and cheaper. Oh well!

In having said all of that, this little branch out on eat sweet, known as kitchen dreaming, is my way to share some of the wonderful kitchen finds that I own or those that I am lusting after, in the hope that if I cannot have them, some of you will!

For this edition, I have something special to share with you all, a kitchenware item made by my very own hands…an icecream cosy!

icecream cosy ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

Now you can tuck into your pint of delicious icecream, and not have to worry about your fingers getting cold!

Icecream cosies are the perfect way to insulate your frozen treat, catch those drips of condensation (saving your furniture), and ensure that the tub you are tucking into looks super cute.

This pink and purple crochet ice-cream cosy is made with 100% acrylic wool, featuring an appliqué vanilla icecream cone with purple sprinkes. It is made to fit a one pint tub of ice-cream (approximately 450-500ml), measuring approximately 7cm in diameter at the bottom, 9/12cm in diameter at the top, and 9cm in height. Ah, perfect for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s!

These little cuties are available for purchase at You Make Me…Me, an online handmade store owned and operated by my Mum and I. Sewing and crocheting are another love of mine, and I am so happy to be able to combine this with my love for all things sweet!

At you You Make Me…Me we also specialise in crochet baskets…

crochet baskets ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

and the most adorable sock softies…monkeys, lions, cats, and superheroes!

sock softies ~ eat sweet. by carla sue

If you are interested in looking at these a little bit closer, please click on the links below to be directed to You Make Me…Me’s Madeit Store, Etsy Store, Facebook Page and Instagram account. We would love to see you!

madeit etsyfacebook instagram



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