engagement cupcakes.

As a lover of baking, it may not be at all surprising to you that I believe that every day holds the possibility of being cupcake day. If there is a special occasion, cupcakes need to be made. This week, one of the those ‘special cupcake deserving occasions’ popped up. A friend, a work colleague and fellow teacher, announced her engagement! As you can imagine, the school was absolutely abuzz with excitement and happiness…it was contagious! One of the teacher assistants decided that it would be lovely if the bride to be’s class could hold a surprise engagement party for their teacher, so arrangements were all underway by the end of the day. It is well known at school that I enjoy baking, so I was asked if I was able to make some cupcakes for the celebration. I didn’t need to think about it…of course the answer was yes! I excitedly jumped onto Pinterest to gain inspiration and put a design together in my head. After a bit of experimentation, and lots of taste testing along the way, I was very happy with how these cupcakes turned out. Perfect to celebrate an engagement, anniversary, or just love in general! white chocolate engagement cupcakes ~ eat sweet. by carla sue Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting 24 – 30 vanilla cupcakes (use your favourite recipe, or find a good pre-made cake mix) 100g ready to roll white fondant Silver Soft Sugar Pearls Silver Edible Shimmer Dust 150g white chocolate 80ml cream 200g unsalted butter 100-200g icing sugar 1. Previous to making the cupcakes, roll out the white fondant to an approximate thickness of 2-3mm. 2. Using a small heart shaped cutter, cut out the hearts and place carefully on a baking paper covered tray or flat plate (or you could use any shape that you desire!). Make enough to cover all of your cupcakes, and some spares just incase. 3. Using a dry paintbrush, coat each heart with a light covering of silver edible shimmer dust. 4. Set hearts aside to harden slightly. 5. Follow your own recipe or pre-made cake mix to make 24-30 vanilla cupcakes (I used pre-made…I’m not a packet mix snob!). Set aside until cool. 6. In a small microwave proof bowl, melt the white chocolate and cream on a low setting in a microwave. Be sure to continually check and stir to make sure it doesn’t burn. Cool slightly. 7. In a large bowl, beat the unsalted butter until creamy. 8. Gradually beat in the the white chocolate and cream mixture until smooth. 9. Slowly beat in the icing sugar until it is the consistency you desire for piping (please note that this may be more or less than 100-200g, depending on your preference). 10. When cupcakes are cool, pipe the white chocolate buttercream frosting onto the top of each. 11. Using the dry paintbrush, lightly sprinkle the frosting with silver shimmer dust. 12. Decorate with a silver shimmer heart and silver soft sugar pearls to finish. Recipe yields approximately 24-30 cupcakes. Print Button white chocolate engagement cupcakes ~ eat sweet. by carla sue Of course, this recipe can be used to create a cupcake to celebrate any occasion. The way that you decorate them is completely up to you!


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